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Lundstrem Trio Concert: the second meeting of the cycle "On Tuesday, in the Center of Cultures. About necessary, about important, about everything"

*recommended age
Event ended
We invite you to the second meeting of the cycle "On Tuesday, in the Center of Cultures. About necessary, about important, about everything".

For the first time in Vyshka will perform the famous ensemble "Lundstrem Trio" consisting of:
  • Leonid Lundstrem (violin)
  • Vladimir Nor (cello)
  • Maria Voskresenskaya (piano).

The Lundstrem family name is known all over the world first of all thanks to Oleg Lundstrem's Big Band - for more than half a century this orchestra was the main embodiment of Soviet jazz! Originating in the 30s in distant Harbin, almost simultaneously with the famous Duke Ellington and Count Basie bands, Oleg and Igor Lundstrem's ensemble came to the Soviet Union after the Second World War in its entirety.

This is how a new chapter of jazz history began in our country, but our evening on November 28 is not about that at all! Leonid Lundstrem is the nephew of the founder of the famous jazz orchestra and the son of one of its musicians. He received a brilliant musical education, becoming a soloist of the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra and also performing in chamber ensembles.
"All my life two people have been struggling in me - the performer and the leader, as prototypes of my father and uncle," says the violinist himself.

The program of the concert at the Higher School of Economics includes the Trio "In Memory of the Great Artist" and Dmitry Shostakovich's Second Trio - works that are significant for their time. If you have never heard them performed live, this is a good opportunity.

Why should you come to the Center of Cultures next Tuesday?

  • If you are a music lover and listen to classical music, or if you just want to spend an evening in a refined and useful way;
  • This is a rare opportunity to see famous musicians on stage, and even within the walls of Vyshka; If you have not been to the Philharmonic yet, but have long wanted to join the art and see if you like it;
  • If you are interested in Russian history and literature, you will be pleasantly amazed at how accurately music sometimes reflects key historical processes!
  • If you are interested in Russian art and would like to learn about it "first hand"
  • In the end, you will be able to take selfies in front of the piano and brag to your friends and parents about your rich cultural life.
  • And also classical music improves concentration and increases labor productivity, which will definitely not be superfluous in your studies!

It starts at 19:00. Small hall of the Center of Cultures.

Registration here, more details here.